PLs are provided to customers for various purposes like funding education of their children, medical emergencies, unplanned business requirements etc. There is no compulsion to use these loans for income generation purpose.

The loan tenor is fixed for PLs.

Personal Loan(PL)
Eligibility Women Joint Liability Group members of KPB Fincare P Ltd.
Loan Amount (Rs) Min: 5000 Max: 15000
Loan Tenor (Weeks) 52
Repayment Frequency Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly
Annual Interest Rate (%) 23.85
Penal Interest Nil
Processing Fee 1% of loan amount
GST on Processing Fee 9% CGST, 9% SGST
Member Insurance 0.5% of loan amount
Guarantor Insurance 0.5% of loan amount
Moratorium Period Moratorium would be equal to the periodicity of the loan (i.e. 7 days for weekly, 1 calendar month for monthly etc.)